How to Make Money in Fashion

Fashion Business Ideas

The idea of making a living in the fashion world appeals to many people. However, not everybody has the ability to create fashion and hot new clothing styles. Is there a way to make a living in fashion without being a designer? Yes!

Here are some fashionable business ideas to help you make a living in your dream industry:

Fashion Show Production

Putting together a fashion show is not an easy task. You need relationships with designers, models and event production people to make it all come together. The start-up costs include producing the show, renting a venue and promoting the show.

On the other hand, you don’t need any other employees or even a brick and mortar office to run your business. A well-designed website, business cards and industry contacts can help you create a new career as a fashion show guru who can charge admission to a show as well as charge designers to feature their looks in the show.

Fashion Blogger

Some of the biggest fashion blogs and sites like The Blonde Salad and Wendy’s Lookbook started out as lightly read fashion blogs. They grew their readership with interactive posts and videos featuring fashion news and reviews. It takes very little money to invest in a blog as the hosting fess don’t cost that much.

It does take an investment of your time to do the proper research and make contacts for future photo ops and interviews while staying on top of the latest trends. The more eyes you have viewing your website, the bigger your website traffic as well as more chances you’ll have to sell advertising.

Fashion Public Relations

The chance to promote your favorite brands and talk shop with designers and fashion houses might be a dream job for you. If this sounds like how you want to spend your working hours, fashion PR could be the career path for you. You need to have a good sense of promotion, know how to grab the attention of the public as well as the press and have connections in the fashion field.

In order to be successful public relations professional, you need to brand your clients and show how their fashions are different from others on the market. Also, you need to be able to secure placements in magazines by building relationships with fashion editors. You also need to remember that public relations is not a typical 9-5 job so you have to be ready to handle phone calls and deal with any pressing issues at all times of the day and night.

It’s not easy to break into the fashion industry on any level because there is plenty of competition for the available positions in the field. If you have the drive to succeed, as well as the desire to build a career you love, then your chances will increase because of your passion for the industry. Good luck and may the fashion force be with you.

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