Color Your Coif

2012 Summer LA Hair Colors

Flattering Flaxen

Summer and blondes are synonymous and though icon Marilyn Monroe’s famous retort “Gentlemen prefer blondes,” is not entirely true; fair hair against bronzed sun drenched skin is still part of LA’s summer style. We’ve moved away from the days to perfect roots and uniform hair color. The trend of punk rocker wild colours has made in roads into hair fashion no matter the colour. Root to end uniformity is not required. This summer season features elegant subtle highlights, and a blend of flaxen shades.

Scorching Scarlet

Flaming strands are boldly in fashion on this LA summer. Higher maintenance required because of the molecular size of the color it is worth the extra effort. There is just something about the amber waves of a lady and red that can take your breath away. If this season’s kaleidoscope of cherry hues flatter your complexions then don’t be shy; you’re sure to turn eyes.

Sable Sensuality

Sorry Marilyn but the dark hair exotic beauty still captures the imagination, when well hued brunette tresses frame the countenance of many a lady. Featuring the largest range of colors sable sirens can easily give a twist to their sexy dark manes that are just downright alluring.

No matter your choices enhance your summer fun LA style with color let it be your crowning glory.

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