Mylie Cyrus Then & Now

Myle Cyrus Then and Now does the new do make LA's Top Style List

Well hold on Gabby Douglas I guess award winners are under the microscope regarding hair faux pauxs. Twitter nation erupted in controversy on this crucial global issue. Singer / Actress Mylie Cyrus appears to have taken the extreme make over thing to a new level.

Is this her watershed moment to exorcise the Disney star image? Or should that bloke Liam Hemsworth heed the oldĀ adageĀ beware when a woman changes her hair.

I’d err on the side of caution mate!

The price of celebrity in the inane world of 142 characters of unimportance – Twitternation. Of course Miley egged this one herself. With some well timed drama leading up to the big change tweeted with a countdown and all.

So for attention whores, really now what is Twitter other than an egobyte of attention craved by the masses. LOL, look your not believed to exist without a twitter or facebook profile. You don’t need ‘spy spooks for big brother to pry into your life’ because now we are all so important we just pollute digital space with random fragments of our boredom and call it exciting.

Oh, I digress too much; so back to hair.

Well, Miley hair today gone tomorrow has new meaning now. But who really cares what Twitternation thinks. Your pretty and cute and there’s a Hollywood hunk hanging on your arm. And oh yeah your rich!

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