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Female Hair Loss…What to do?

Are you a female who is losing hair and don’t know what to do? Don’t look any further. Visiting a hair transplant surgeon is the best solution for you. Women who experience hair loss can either have female patterned baldness … Continue reading

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What Do Doctors Mean by Hair Loss or Baldness

Hair Loss or Baldness The Mr. Clean look is in vogue. So many guys are affirming their machismo with the “Sans Hair” dome. But there are other folks out there who are not bald by choice and they don’t want … Continue reading

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How Grooming and Styling Effect Hair Growth and Hair Loss

Styling your hair different ways can affect hair loss. Certain hair styles, such as braiding, plating, or tight ponytails, can cause hair loss. The increase tension over a period of time can cause strain on hair shafts leading to breakage. … Continue reading

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