How Grooming and Styling Effect Hair Growth and Hair Loss

caucasian-girl with LA StyleStyling your hair different ways can affect hair loss.

Certain hair styles, such as braiding, plating, or tight ponytails, can cause hair loss. The increase tension over a period of time can cause strain on hair shafts leading to breakage.  But as for hair sprays, perm solutions, or coloring resulting in hair loss there’s no truth to that idea if they administered properly. This includes a pretest to a small area of your hair to make sure there are no allergic responses to the chemicals.  These applications may cause some damage to the hair strands but very rarely damage the follicle itself. A healthy follicle means hair will grow.

Blow drying your hair overtime will cause your hair to thin.

There is no evidence that hair dryers cause thinning hair. However, too hot or too much drying may lead to brittle and breakable hair. Use common sense to guide you. Hold the hair dryer at a normal distance from your scalp.

Haircuts do not make your hair grow quicker and faster.

People’s hair growth and length depends on their own unique hair cycle, which is based on both nutrition and heredity. The longer your growth phases the longer your hair growth. Regular hair cuts are great for keeping your hair at an optimum length to avoid split ends and of course sport a new fresh look to show off your style!

Brush your hair 100 times before bed and it will grow.

This is a not true. Brushing your hair too much, can injure and damage your hair. People erroneously think that hair loss is due to poor circulation and that brushing or massaging would improve blood flow and nutrition to the follicles. The truth is, type of hair, lack of hair has little to do with scalp circulation.

If you are experiencing hair loss and considering hair restoration it is a good idea to see a medical doctor. Parsa Mohebi, MD reviews many facts about hair loss and hair restoration. He is the medical director at Beverly Hills based Mohebi Medical Centers.

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