Winter Fashion Trends

Fashion Trends During Winter

Although it seems like fall just got here, winter will be here before you know it. Time to put away those light jackets and sporty capris and make way for oversized sweaters and stylish boots lined with fur. Welcome to a world of winter fashion trends!

1. Leggings

Making the transition from your favorite pair of shorts to winter wear may not be easy but workout gear can certainly help. Workout gear, such as leggings, is very versatile and can be worn at almost any casual occasion. Pairing any solid or print legging with an off-colored oversized top and a matching calf-high boot creates the perfect outfit for day or night. You can also purchase leggings in fun, graphic prints and pair it with a metallic sports bra. This might be the ticket to get you up and moving!

2. Joggers

The holidays are right around the corner and November marks the beginning of the holiday season. For many people, that means lots of travel time. Whether you are traveling by car or plane, you will want to be comfortable. Joggers are great for long flights and lengthy car rides. Plus, you will be styling when you wear Helmut Lang cashmere track pants with the joggers.

3. Crop Top

A ribbed crop top with a button-down front doesn’t have to be just for summertime. This slimming high-waist top can make an elegant statement even when it’s blistering cold. It can be worn under a sheer, flowing blouse which allows a subtle hint of your abdomen to be seen when others opt to keep it covered in the winter. Here’s a few tips on how to wear crop top during winter.

4. Ankle Boots

People love the knee high, bunched dress boot with heels of various lengths. However, heels aren’t the best thing when there is 2 inches of snow or ice on the ground. That’s why we have black suede ankle boots with a thick, and not so high, heel. These are the perfect LBB (Little Black Boots) because they go with just about anything. However, don’t forget about the white boots! During Fashion Week in New York, white ankle boots made their debut and quickly hit the streets everywhere. The “no white after Labor Day” rule is history!

5. Velvet Nights

Full-length velvet dresses will be outlining the curves on some women this winter. Although some are sensually form-fitting, other styles are long and flowing. Ralph Lauren and Valentino featured these evening gowns in elegant black during Fashion Week and they are the perfect LBD (Little Black Dress) for an evening out on the town.

6. Padded Jackets

When the temperature drops into the teens, you will want to bundle up before you go outside. Quilted or padded jackets were a huge trend during Fashion Week and can certainly keep you cozy in the brisk air while keeping you in style. You can find these coats in a multitude of colors and styles. Let your fashion senses go wild!

7. Breton Stripes

A classic Paris style is the Breton stripe. Stripes, especially when they are black and white, seem to never go out of style. A long knit sweater, fashioned with Breton stripes, goes great with a pair of shiny leggings. Add a pair of ankle-high, open toe shoes and you’re ready to hit the town. You can also try a sleeker look with a Breton stripe long sleeve top paired with a short, black skirt and knee high boots.

8. Turtlenecks and Dresses

Rather than pack away your cute summer dresses, spice them up for winter. There’s no reason to exclude them from your winter wardrobe if you purchase a solid colored, knit turtleneck to go with them. White usually works well and gives the ensemble a wintery feel while keeping you warm. Don’t forget to dress that turtleneck up with a bold necklace that will give your style some flair.

9. Decorate Your Neck

No matter what outfit you choose, there is always room for accessories. Adding a silk scarf to a simple button-down blouse or cocktail dress can give your outfit some added style. Selecting an eye catching necklace and adding it to a casual long sleeve shirt and jeans may be the only adornment you need to make that outfit pop.

10. Leopard Print

The typical black and tan leopard print isn’t the only style that’s back this winter. Fashion Week went into the jungle and brought back leopard print in various styles including acid-bleached colors such as turquoise blue, canary yellow and a stunning mix of red and yellow.


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