How to Find Your Personal Style

Figure Out Your Personal Style

Developing your own sense of style is not something that happens overnight. In fact, defining your fashion sense is an ongoing process as it can change throughout your life. College students dress differently than those who have been in the workplace for a few years. The clothes you wear after having a baby will also change because dry clean only clothes are not very practical when dealing with a child. Here are some tips on finding a personal style that allows you to approach each day with confidence.

Look For Inspiration

Think about the designers or celebrities you’ve admired in the past. Once you come up with a list, take a look at the outfits they design or wear. Are the outfits you like business casual, edgy or bohemian? Write down the names or genres you are interested in and search for them on Pinterest or Instagram. Taking a closer look at the styles that interest you the most will help you settle on a look you desire.

Clean Out Your Closet

Spend a day going through the current wardrobe in your closet. Toss out any items you haven’t worn for a long time or just don’t fit your lifestyle anymore. This exercise is a great step in building a wardrobe that reflects your current status in life.

Buy What You Need, Not What You Want

Once you have cleaned out your closet and only kept the items that fit your life right now, it is time to determine the items you really need to fill out your wardrobe. Figuring out the holes that exist in your wardrobe lets you know what to buy in order to complete some looks as opposed to buying an item simply because it looks cute in the store. This task is also a great way to prevent your closet from filling up with unnecessary items (again).

Dress To Express Yourself

One of the goals to keep in mind when determining your personal style is the image you want to present to others. You certainly want your personality to shine through your clothing but you need to make sure your wardrobe choices fit your workplace. Dressing crazy might make you stand out but it can also prevent you from advancing to another position if you are not viewed as having a professional appearance. Remember the old phrase, “Dress for Success”, and follow that advice when picking out clothes.

When assembling your personal style, don’t be afraid to ask for help. By following the steps above, you’ve already determined the designers and outfits that speak to you. Ask for advice from a sales associate at a boutique or chain clothing store. They are trained to know the latest styles and fashions and can give you expert advice when it comes to clothing options.


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