How to Dress For Success

The phrase “dress for success” has been around for a long time but what exactly does it mean? How do you go about dressing for success?

dress for success

The first thing to remember in the business world is the fact that appearances matter whether you’re making a first impression or meeting with an old business contact. The image and appearance that you project to others speaks volumes about how you want to be treated in the business world. Your appearance is always being examined and analyzed by others. You might be a CEO but your style of dress can make others think you work an hourly retail job.  Make sure that you dress to reflect your successful place in the business world.

Businesses often discuss branding their product so consumers will instantly know what they are all about. It’s important to remember that your style of dress brands you in the eyes of others. Make sure you are dressing the part of the position you want to achieve either socially or in the business world. A professional sense of style opens doors to bigger and better opportunities in the future.

Part of the art of branding yourself is to not look dated with your appearance. Looking out of style is not part of dressing for success. Keep your clothes fresh and in style. Part of staying in style is paying attention to those who are in the position you want to achieve. Take a look at how they dress and follow their lead. You don’t have to be runway ready. You just need to be current in your business dress. Go through your closet and get rid of clothes that you haven’t worn in years. Make it a point to clear out any outfits that are old, ripped, faded and don’t fit well anymore. Cleaning out clothes of the past will help you focus on your future look.

Once you see what you have for a current wardrobe, fill in the missing pieces using the people you’ve observed as a starting point. Dressing for success doesn’t mean you have to go to designer stores. Find the best bargains on the clothes that look like the image you want to project to the world. Nobody will ask with designer you’re wearing during a business meeting so don’t spend all of your money on one great outfit. Spread the wealth and get a good amount of quality clothes. You can also buy multiple versions of the same pants or shirt in different colors. Having more than one version of any clothing item gives you options as well as backup clothing for emergencies.

Finally, don’t wait until the morning of a meeting to decide what to wear. Plan your outfit the night before to avoid discovering any stains that will be too late to deal with in the morning. Also, ironing your outfit the night before means you can sleep a little bit later because your outfit will already be ready to go in the morning.

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