Fall Fashion Trends

As the days become cooler and the nights grow longer, your fall fashion is top of mind. Your wardrobe this coming season doesn’t have to mean darker clothes and less fashion forward thinking. Fall fashion has a different approach this year and involves hanging onto a few of those favorite summer clothes for just a bit longer. Here are some fashion trends to keep you warm when the temperature goes down.

Fashion Trends for Autumn

Brocade Style

The Brocade style of intricate patterns and vividly embroidered prints is BIG this year. You can find this eye-catching style on various types of shoes, boots, denim, handbags and dresses. Bring your fall wardrobe to life with this exhilarating flamboyant style.

Couch and Tapestry Designs

While couch florals and tapestry designs used to be associated with older consumers, these new age styles are not the typical dainty rose and daisy patterns. This floral pattern is much more aggressive and can be found on an array of dresses, skirts and ankle high booties. A 1 ½ inch heal on your unique and stylish Petty Bootie pairs easily with just about any type of pants.

Trench Coats

A beige or navy trench coat goes beautifully with the aforementioned booties. While trench coats are a classic style, they have emerged as a top trend for fall fashion this year. This year, you can pair trench coats with the traditional longer lengths and shorter, hip length versions. You will most likely see these jackets with belts to accentuate the waistline.

Belts and Boots

Like trench coats, you will find belts on everything this year. Belts will accompany coats, skirts, dresses and even boots which bring us to the Cole Hahn over-the-knee boots. These suede boots feature a 3 ¾ inch heel with an equestrian-inspired slim buckle strap. If you want to turn heads this fall, these boots and belt accessories can make it happen.


While fishnets use to be considered over-the-top by some conservative types, it is now a full force for fall fashion. Fishnets go great under jeans, skirts, shorts and much more. They will add a little texture and diversity to your current wardrobe. So, grab some fishnets before they disappear.

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