How To Dress Your Age At Any Age

While fashion is always changing, that doesn’t necessarily mean the latest style is perfect for you. Fashion has its age appropriateness as well as its age limits. Wearing skin tight leather pants in your forties may not be appropriate and might make you look older because of trying to look so young. Learning to let go of some of those old styles, and finding a new you, may be just what you need. On the other hand, classic styles never go out of fashion. Knowing how to dress your age, at any age, is a key to wearing the most stylish clothes and helping you to look marvelous in your 20’s or your golden years.

Dressing appropriately

Ages 13 to 16

This is the age of bright colors and loud prints. You can pretty much wear anything that might make others reach for their shades as you pass by! Printed shirts, sneakers, colorful shoes, cute dresses and sweaters are all perfect.

Ages 17 to 20

Colors and prints can still be a fun option but, perhaps, not as loud. If you look young for your age, and desire to look more mature, try neutral and solid colors. Stay away from graphic shirts and loud designs. This also works great as you are exploring the road into adulthood and looking for a job or attending classes. This age range is where many people experiment with different styles. Lacy tops or buttoned-down shirts pair nicely with jeans, slacks or printed pants.

Ages 21 to 29

During this time, many people start to feel more comfortable with the silhouette of their body. This is the time when you go all out and try new styles that you were afraid to wear before. You may be more willing to flaunt your curves with a form-fitting dress, which has subtle cutouts, to show just the right amount of skin. Finding your personal style happens around this time so be sure and invest in some classic pieces that never seem to go out of style.

In your 30s

The thirties don’t mean you should be boring. You can still wear some of the hottest trends and even pull off styles with prints. Mix your style with a modern and classic look. You are not really dressing younger for your age but you are still fashionable.

In your 40s

In your forties, you may find that the more confident you become, the more willing you are to embrace colors again. A colorful dress that is bold, yet conservative, on your curves may be perfect for you at this age. Tights can be worn if you are self-conscious about your legs. Many women decide that a feminine style pant suit is perfect for this age period.

In your 50s and 60s

Button-up blouses, pointy heels and a few embellishments will look fabulous together and give you a fresh look. Classic and tailored pieces will help to fit your silhouette with a stylish appeal. Pair them with slacks, or mid-calf skirts, for that confident look. However, don’t wear too much black together since dark colored clothes tend to make you feel older and dull.

The Golden Years

While some people get more conservative once they hit their 70s, others are highlighting themselves with prints and metallics. Choose classic pieces and throw on a bit of pizzazz with a gold purse and shoes. Longer dresses with a bit of a flare will look great on you during an evening out.


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