Beverly Hills Boutique is the Home of the Next “It Brands”

As times change, so does marketing which creates the need for business owners to make alterations in their business strategies. Madison boutique has spent over 20 years building its reputation for accumulating loyal customers for upcoming brands. In fact, Madison was one of the first stores to carry brands such as Marni, Balenciaga and Miu Miu in the mid-90s before they hit the upmarket retailers. David Assil, founder of the Beverly Hills/west coast fashion boutique, said he has to credit Bridget, his ex-wife and partner, for her “good eye” in recognizing the next big thing. He told, “When we first saw Miu Miu, there were only six styles on a shelf — and she bought all six. That’s the nexus of how these things start.”

Beverly HIlls home of brand name clothing

A New Leaf for the Beverly Hills Boutique

Around five years ago, Assil began a different path with his Beverly Hills and Brentwood outposts. “We turned over a new leaf, and we no longer carry many of those [highly recognizable] names. We’ve gone toward designers who are secrets now but won’t be in years.” Assil started to support smaller labels such as Rocco P., Officine Creative, Silvano Sassetti and Fauzian Jeunesse, by devoting more shelf space to their companies. Two years ago, Assil also added Sartori Gold to the shelves. He told the website, “Now we believe it’s about new, small designers. Unfortunately, a lot of designers are overexposed in department stores or have their own boutiques, so for us to be our own individual boutique, we have to reinvent ourselves with [unique] designers.”

The Madison Muses

While Madison boutique still carries some of the more renowned labels, they are going for some fresh designers and using aggressive social media influencer-driven campaigns to promote them. This tactic involves a digital marketing program that Assil developed called the “Madison Muses” which helps to build recognition for these new labels. The Madison Muses includes 25 influencers, such as Miss USA 2015 Olivia Jordan and Rocky Barnes, who wear the brands in photo shoots. The retailer then posts the photos on various social media platforms. According to Assil, the Muses are responsible for gathering 40 million followers on Instagram. In turn, Madison boutique saw a 35% increase in sales from 2015 to 2016.


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