Beverly Hills Fashion Tips for Older Women

It can be difficult to shop for fashion when you are over forty. The latest trends are usually designed for teens and those in their 20s. Certain items of fashion, such as bright colored leggings, are not meant for older women. However, dressing age-appropriate doesn’t have to be boring. Older celebrities, such as actress Julianne Moore (56 years old) and Kylie Minogue (48 years old), are mature but still dress for success.

Ready to up your fashion game? Here are some Beverly Hills fashion tips for older women:

Older Women Fashion Tips


Simple Styles That Are Not Boring

The key to dressing fashionably after 40 often lies with keeping patterns to a minimum. That doesn’t mean you have to dress in black. Simply keep your outfit simple with blue, khaki or black or white and just add a splash of color or patterns. Other women find it easier to go with a monochromatic approach. A monochromatic outfit can consist of wearing a single stylish shade strategically planned but it can also be an outfit of different shades and tints of the same color. The best creations, for a monochromatic ensemble, usually include light tints and dark shades of a single color. Keep in mind that texture is an important factor in creating this look because using the same fabric throughout the outfit would look dull.

How to Dress Monochromatically

Dressing casually or elegantly is easy once you have an understanding of color and texture for monochromatic fashion. For example, you might pair a passive gray turtleneck with a shiny silvery-gray skirt. The shine of the skirt creates a textured, dimensional appearance to the single gray color.

Balance and Proportion for Your Body

When choosing your outfit, you will want to mix and match to gain the best balance and accentuate the best portions of your body. If you are wearing a billowy top, try pairing it with a nicely fitted bottom. If you are wearing a full A-line skirt, you should wear a form-fitting top. Furthermore, certain areas of the body do better with lighter or darker tints and shades. If you are troubled by wider hips, you may want to choose darker shades on your bottom and a lighter tint for a top. Therefore, you may choose dark, navy blue pants paired with a lighter blue shirt to deemphasize the hip area. Be sure to choose colors that look good with your hair and skin color. Women with a very fair complexion and blonde hair would look better in navy colors rather than black. Women, who have darker colored hair, and a tan appearance, can rock deeper colors such as burgundy or eggplant.


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