Beverly Hills Fashion Trends for 2018

While many people are glad to see the arrival of spring, fall is just around the corner. That means the latest fashion trends for fall and winter 2018 are making their way onto the runways. Here are the top Beverly Hills fashion trends for the rest of the year:

Fashion trends of 2018

  1. All-In-One

One of the biggest trends this fall is wearing an all-in-one color such as all blue or all red outfits. While any color can be worn from head to toe, red patent leather pumps are a “thing” that can be worn all year. This is especially true on Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

  1. Winter Whites

White often flashes through the mind during the winter. White snowflakes, white snowmen and white marshmallows in hot cocoa make the season. However, fashion trends for 2018 also involve white. Consumers will find white ankle boots, leather jackets, patent leather and fashions consisting of shiny white vinyl this year. White ankle boots are new this fall and will continue into spring in Beverly Hills with a more feminine look.

  1. Velvet Everything

Fashion trends have always had a flare for velvet throughout the years. Therefore, it’s safe to say that buying those velvet shoes won’t go to waste. Velvet will also be prominent on dresses and blazers. Black velvet is fine but navy blue velvet looks more expensive. Accessories embellished with velvet will also be a hot ticket item this year.

  1. Manly Fashions

Tweeds or plaids for suits and blazers are a great trend with pants or skirts because you won’t have to go “full suit and tie”. Instead, simply add a plaid jacket to a favorite outfit to give it a nice updated look. This style can even be mixed with different plaids of the same colors and still look fabulous.

  1. Shimmering Sequins

While shimmering sequin dresses may be an evening fashion item, sequins in the daytime is going to be “hot” this year. Women will be wearing sequins with everyday outfits such as a glimmering sequin top with a pair of jeans. So, don’t pass up that luminous top that is brightly shining from the rack.


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