Discover the Evolving Style of Meghan Markle

Although she is now known for marrying into the Royal Family of England, Meghan Markle first entered the public eye as an actress best known for her role on the TV show, “Suits”. The Los Angeles native has transformed her look since her engagement to Prince Harry was announced. While she might have worn mini-skirts and short dresses as an actress trying to make it in Hollywood, her style has evolved to include outfits such as tailored separates and lace frocks. Fashion insiders have reported that many of the outfits she now wears are outfits that would not look out of place on Kate Middleton.

Meghan Markle Fashion choices

Markle’s time in the engagement spotlight has seen her winning over fashion fans with her effortless, yet cool, style and sense of fashion. She seems to be less of a stuffy dresser than many Royal Family members of the past. She is often seen walking around with a Los Angeles messy bun instead of a hairstyle that has been worked on for hours on end.

Having said that, there are some sources inside the palace that suggest Markle will soon make a change in her sense of style. The source suggests that there might be less of a casual vibe and more of a nod towards the style choices of one of the most famous family members of all time, Princess Diana.

The unnamed source told Entertainment Tonight that “Like Kate, expect Meghan to make the occasional nod to her husband’s fashion icon mother. Both Kate and Meghan will no doubt honor Princess Diana with designs that reflect her likes and style.”

If this is true, it would not be unheard of when it comes to royal fashion. Kate Middleton has been known in the past to take fashion tips from the iconic style of Princess Diana. This includes such outfits as the powder blue suit she wore in a royal Christmas card to a Prada pussy-bow dress that Kate wore on a visit to the memorial garden of the royals.

In addition, the engagement ring worn by Kate Middleton was a beautiful sapphire hand-me-down from Princess Diana. Meghan Markle’s engagement ring followed suit. The ring was crafted by Prince Harry and includes two diamonds that are from the collection of Princess Diana.

When taking a look at the style enjoyed by Meghan, she seems to take a good number of fashion cues from the Los Angeles area. Her laidback style reflects a casual chic vibe that can also be described as both easy and effortless. However, her fashion game has grown in the last few weeks. She has gone from ripped jeans to a look that is definitely more polished and “put together”. Many fans of fashion say that Meghan has Kate to thank for her evolving and updated look.

The Entertainment Tonight source also shared the fact that Kate has been giving Meghan advice about the do’s and don’ts of royal fashion. This includes the certain protocols that are expected of the royal ladies when it comes to dressing for public appearances. The advice from Kate is helping Markle figure out how she will need to adapt her style in the future. According to the source, Kate has gone so far as to provide the names of many United Kingdom designers to help her choose the correct coats, dresses and hats to wear for her fans.

Even though Meghan is in good hands with Kate’s advice, she is still consulting with outside sources to help her up her style game so she will be in tune with the ever evolving royal style protocols. The source added that it “looks very much to me as if there is someone behind the scenes helping her to dress more royally. She certainly seems to be opting for more conservative designers and really stepping up to the plate in terms of royal dressing and presenting herself as a future princess.”

The newest member of the Royal Family has the eyes of the world on her and she seems to be taking the necessary steps to make sure she doesn’t let her new family, or any of her fans, down when it comes to her fashion choices.


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