Discover These “Must Have’ Summer Fashion Looks

Depending on where you live, you might be enjoying the warmth of the sun on a beach. Now that summer is here, you don’t want to be thumbing through your drawers and closet looking for something cool and comfortable to wear. Let’s face it, that worn out string top or muscle shirt could use an upgrade. Besides, nobody wants to feel trapped by their clothing or their outdated style. Let’s take a look at the must have summer fashion looks and fashion trends which will definitely help you feel in style this summer.

Summer Fashion

White Dresses with a Flowy Feel

White dresses have always been a summer staple since they are usually light and flowy. In addition, they are like a blank sheet of paper that can be embellished as you desire. Add a bright colored belt, matching pumps or hand bag and you are all set. You can even add some strategically placed jewelry for a bit of a flare.

Strap on a Pair of Strappy Sandals

While flip flops or slides are an easy choice for footwear, consider making the extra effort to put on a pair of strappy sandals. Seasonal footwear makes a big statement when you a little embellishment. Strappy sandals that hug your big toe, or those that strap across the foot and above the ankle, can go with a wide variety of dresses, knee highs and oversized suits.

Form Fitting Smock Tops

Smocked tops are making a comeback from the 90s. This trend has already been recognized by fashion brands this summer. So, turn back the clock and grab yourself a few of these bunched form-fitters to go with your jean shorts, khaki flares or midi skirts. These also go nicely with a pair of strappy sandals.

See What We See with Translucent Gear

See-through gear has been around for years and there has always been a time and place for them. But, what about footwear? Translucent heels and boots for women popped up in 2016 but see-through shoes have reached a whole new level with men’s shoes and luggage. Nike recently brought out a series of menswear sneakers designed with transparent materials that allows consumers to show off their choice of overpriced socks. More bizarre than that, there is now translucent or Off-White x Rimowa aluminum luggage. Got anything to hide? Not in this suitcase! However, this signature case is an extremely hot item and very expensive. On the plus side, you will not be able to miss your suitcase when it comes off the airplane on onto the conveyor belt full of luggage.

Slip on a Silky Midi Skirt

It may seem strange to suggest anything lengthier than shorts in the summer months. However, silky midi skirts are actually the latest rave in fashion. These smooth and light skirts can be worn at the office or for a casual outing. They also come in a large array of designs and patterns to help you achieve your desired look. The great thing about these skirts is the fact that they are functional for work as well as play. You can save a lot of team and effort by not having to pack a second outfit to slip into at night once you leave the office.

Hit the Beach Bar with a Belted Swimsuit

If you haven’t seen the latest style in women’s swimwear, just check out model Paloma Elsesser’s Instagram. The belted swimsuit is well-accessorized and comes in an eye-stunning bikini or a beautifully modest one-piece. The style of the belt also ranges from matching with a gold embellished buckle to a belt with an outlandishly opposite hue. You will look stylish on the beach while also standing out from the crowd when it comes to your fashionable swimwear.

Check Out the Checkered Trousers

Checkered trousers can be perfect for summer outings and this is especially true when they are designed with light or pastel print. These checkered pants are light and airy as well as trendy. They also go great with a matching smock top, plain white t-shirt or light button-down shirts. You can find them in gingham straight legs, pant or a cropped flare at the bottom.


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