Hair Loss, Self Image & Style

Great Skin Care Augments LA StyleSelf image is the prism of complexity in which we see and interpret ourselves.

There are the internal unseen thoughts that frame us and our physical appearance. Our physical appearance contributes strongly to our self image. In our quiet internal dialogue most people ponder on how the world sees them. A good portion of our life effort is spent on our physical face to the world. Our hair is one of the most critical physical features that reflect how we perceive and feel about ourselves on many levels.

In ancient Egyptian men generally kept the hair short or shaved it off, wealthy Egyptian men wore wigs. The women of Ancient Egypt kept their

own hair long which they plaited and curled. The wealthy women also wore elaborate wigs. Historians’ document during the 1000 years of heightened Egyptian civilization hair fashion was intricate to social status, the priesthood and the God-like status of the Pharaohs.

Of course we are more than the sum total of our physical appearance. Still, we live for the most part in a seeing world and what we see provides great sensory awareness. What see shapes our sense of what we find appealing. This is true of our own self imaging. Like it or not; historically and today hair, fitness and beauty play a significant role in our self image.

Self care and good grooming are an essential part of modern life holistically. People with better appearance and outward reflection of health and vigor are more financially successful. Positive self images reflect in a positive attitude. If hair loss, poor skin, low fitness levels or anything that makes you feel negative about yourself take steps to correct it.

The basis of style is how good you really feel about yourself. Don’t just shop for external items to improve your self image, exercise, take quiet time or even maybe visit a spa. Just remember you only as good as you feel…about yourself.

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  1. admin says:

    That’s the way to go! do your research, find your diagnosis and move on. So happy for her, and you!

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