LA Style List 2012 Top 10 Red Carpet Winners

In Los Angeles red carpet events are fodder for the A-Listers to the D-Listers (if there’s such a list.) We went through our archives and ‘The Net’s” in search of femme fatale’s who really hit the crimson rug in stride with their own flare for style and of course gorgeous hair!

No.1-Red Carpet Beauty Mariah Carey and No.2 Eva Mendes

1. Mariah Carey – Let’s face it the woman just glows with no pretense. Her cascading honey tresses frame her effervescent beauty. As you will see all these style-setters are special. Mariah got the top votes for her sublime beauty.

2. Eva Mendes – It’s hard to place Eva at number two. Just look at that elegant updo swept to her crown in a royal finish. Who would refuse her for their queen. Fine styling a perfect complement to this vixens fabulous features. Umm…

No.3-Red Carpet Beauty Penelope Cruz and No.4 Carmen Diaz

 3. Penelope Cruz – Makes our number three position for the nostalgic and simple elegance of a Hollywood era that dazzled us with gorgeous woman. Garbo, Mansfield and Gardner et al; make room for this divine Latina.

4. Cameron Diaz – Hey, there’s no bias here these Latin girls are pretty and refreshing and they even come in blondes. Go figure those sunny waves look lovely. So number four goes to one of the sweetest ladies in LA.

No.5-Red Carpet Beauty Nicole Kidman and No.6 Alicia Keys

5. Nicole Kidman – Say what you want but this Aussie Lady can still strike a pose. The freestyle chignon placed perfectly on her ivory neck; please Tom ‘what were you thinking?” The soft side weep of strawberry blonde hair…she’s still stunning!

6. Alicia Keys – Like her music this brown beauty always rocks her own style. This sultry diva’s ebony mane twists in a sculpted braid and is uniquely placed a top her head in crowning glory. This look is worth a lot more than a 1000 words (just don’t have the space.)

 No.7-Red Carpet Beauty Olivia Wilde and No.8 Viola Davis

 7. Olivia Wilde – This brunette puts a spin on tradition by pulling her deep hued mane back and up with a carefree elegance. The draping Sedu tresses are like a midnight waterfall flattering her statuesque features.  She could definitely launch a thousand ships and more.

8. Viola Davis – Splashes the red carpet with amber natural African curls. Go on, Viola forgo that weave, wig et al.  A fantastic shapely cut on one of America’s finest actresses. Perfectly shaped for her strong noble features. Regal power comes to mind.

No.9-Red Carpet Beauty Shaun Robinson and No.10 Emily Deschanel

9. Shaun Robinson – She just looks pretty with those fringe bangs. Straight shiny hair around a lovely face with a winning smile. You can’t see it in this photo but she gathered it in the back with loose soft curls…just can’t deny this lady sparkles.

10. Emily Deschanel – So yeah, bangs round out our Top 10 Red Carpet winners. This young talent gives us another nostalgic look. But did anything in the 50’s or 60’s stop heads like this siren? Not!

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