Runway, run away!

There are many hair stylists that choose to take their creations to the runway as a form of ultimate expression.

Models having to arrive hours before the show to have their hair done, get their make up ready and then the process of accessorizing each outfit, shoes that are new, clothes that don’t fit or unfinished, tape, music, people running, rushing, chaos.  But believe it or not this is a great part of the fun!

Creative Hair Styles from hair stylists

Hair stylists can be very clear in their concepts and know exactly what they are going to portray this season. Colors, fabrics, shapes, are all predetermined by the trends of the season. Each year presenting the ones for the following year, they have 12 months to imagine the look for the following year. What the designer does is personalize the ‘trend’ and create his own unique style.

Each stylist takes that certain trendy look  and adds the final touches, incorporating these trends and tendencies to the make up and hair style.  Most stylists have an independent outlook on the way the hair style will complete the collection. Some, have to follow the designers very clear concepts and style ideas.

But for some hair stylists, the runway is like a gallery and they can  exhibit their own singular creations.  Making use of all their knowledge and abilities to add to the story of the  collection.

Of course they can also go over the top with their ‘out there’ ideas…What is trendy? Spectacular? Outrageous? Creative? What is just plain and simply ‘beautiful’, gorgeous, chic, in… stylish!

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