Javier Bardem looks good with any hair style!

We all have a long term relationship with our hair, but actors have the chance to live in their hair styles for ever through the life of their movies and press releases.

It is funny when you look at pictures from movies that have been long gone into the shelf, how the hair style can take you right back to the story or the feeling of the movie itself.

Different hair styles of Javier Bardem

Some actors can create their whole entire character through their hairstyle.  Javier Bardem in the movie “No country for old men” has the worst hair do, but the character is absolutely in tune with the ‘look’.

But it’s just.. a character!  And characters are what Javier Bardem is all about.

But then, you are able to transform the actor into a new character… change his hair style, his poise, his  accent or demeanor and ‘voila’! …  Sexy and fascinating comes out.. creating a totally different look that can leave you breathless, and speechless.

And then, you realize that it does not really matter what kind of hair style this fabulous Spanish Actor wears, he just looks so good!!! And we love him.

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