Perfect Holiday Lipstick Colors

The seasons are changing to drab, but that doesn’t mean that your look needs to. Spice up your holidays with a variety of sultry lip colors. With so many events to attend this year, make sure you have the perfect look for every occasion.

A light/natural Pink is great for everyday wear or a night in with the family/in-laws. This neutral color will add to your overall look, allowing you to meet and mingle with people without being too flashy and distracting. This shade will add the finishing touch to any work outfit, creating a sophisticated, soft appearance.

Holiday Lip Colors

Sizzling Red is a great color to wear to grab the attention of that special someone you’ve been meaning to talk to. This fiery color will give you the confidence you never knew you had. What better time than the holidays to cozy up to someone warm? This shade will turn up the heat this winter and steal the attention from everyone else, but if sizzling red is too adventurous for you, then kick up the holiday spirit this season with a deep go-to shade for the holidays.

Deep Wine Red is the perfect lip color for a late night dinner party with friends or a loved one and looks great with almost any skin tone. This shade is serious but sensual and will add that extra touch of elegance to any look you choose.

*Useful Hint: Try using a plumping chapstick underneath any lip shade to give your lips that full pouty look.

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