5 Ways to Wear a Scarf

With the year ending, winter weather is among us, but it doesn’t mean that you still can’t be stylish.

Play up your winter outfits with a stylish scarf. Wear it any way and in any style:

Scarf Braided

The Braided Knot:
1. Fold scarf in half and drape around neck.
2. Pull both long ends through the loop.
3. Take the loop and give it a full twist, creating a new loop.
4. Pull the long ends through the loop for a braided look.

The Sliding Knot:
1. Drape scarf evenly around the neck.
2. Tie a loose knot mid-way on one side.
3. Take the other side and pull it through the knot.
4. Adjust knot to sit high or low.

The Figure 8 Knot:
1. Fold scarf in half and drape around neck.
2. Take one end and place through loop.
3. Twist loop.
4. Take other end and place through loop.
5. Pull both ends and scrunch as desired.

The Bandana:
1. Fold the scarf in half, corner to corner.
2. Lay the triangle on your chest with the point facing the floor.
3. Wrap the other ends around your neck and tie.

The Infinity Scarf:
1. Tie the ends of a scarf together
2. Wrap it twice around your neck leaving the knot in the back.
3. Play with scarf as desired.

** Special Tip: Wear a bright colored or flashy patterned scarf to add to basic outfits. Make sure not to clash patterns, or appear too busy.

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