Short Hair Don’t Care

5 Reasons why you should chop your locks and opt for a shorter do

Celebrities like Taylor Swift and Beyonce Knowles have exchanged their locks for fabulous mid length and short length bobs. If you are considering a short do as well, here’s a list of 5 good reasons why you should choose a shorter style.

1) Firstly, you may have had your hair long for a while and simply need a change. Cutting your hair is a good way to freshen up your look and give you the transformation you need.

2) Next, if you’re going to make a change, it might as well be a change that adds a little sass to your style. Short hair exudes attitude and sex appeal. Step into a mature look and own your newfound sexiness.

Short Hair Style

3) Short hair will cut down on your blow drying time. In fact, you could probably let your hair air dry instead. This will cut down on the daily damage you do to your hair as well as allow you to sleep in an extra few minutes every day.

4) Short hair is easier to manage. Not only will you cut down on blow drying time, but you will cut down on your styling time as well. A short style is easier to run out the door with. Messy long hair tends to look unkept, while messy short hair looks effortlessly playful.

5) Lastly, ever wonder why a short hairstyle always looks so healthy and shiny? Keeping your hair short lets you to cut off your dead ends regularly allowing you to maintain the healthiest style ever. It’s also a good alternative if you have too much previous damage from over processing and over heat styling.

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