Beauty is In the Eyebrow of the Beholder

When a person thinks of celebrity fashion and style, the clothes and hairstyles of the stars is the first thing that comes to mind. One of the biggest fashion trends of 2015 is actually a feature found in varying degrees on every single person. Look in the mirror at your eyebrows! The trend of thick bushy eyebrows is thanks to model Cara Delevingne and her very fashionable eyebrow style.

Rather than opting for the plucked look, Delevingne’s eyebrows are thick and bushy and a huge hit in the fashion world known as “The Cara Effect”.  Fashion experts say that her eyebrow style has led to an increase in sales for products that highlight and stimulate the growth of the eyebrow area. It’s not just “bushy” that helps the look stay on trend. Two of the main features that highlight eyebrow fashion are strong brow definition and a thicker look. There are a couple of ways to achieve Cara’s eyebrow excellence:

Beauty in Eyebrow Beholder

1. The first way to get the desired eyebrow look is a salon visit for the application of tiny fibers to the eyebrow area. The process begins by removing any stray hairs with tweezers.  Following the tweezers, a dark tint is put on the eyebrows to help give a fuller look. After the dark tinted dye is in place, synthetic fibers are applied to the eyebrows. The entire process takes anywhere from one to two hours.

2. Proper makeup and a stylist are a good resource but sometimes a little surgical help is needed to get a stylish look. Eyebrow transplants fill in thin eyebrows in order to help them stand out. An eyebrow transplant is when hairs are removed from the back of the head individually and then implanted into the eyebrow area. The transplant gives a person the fuller brow look they desire while still keeping a natural appearance.

It should be noted that eyebrow hair has a tendency to thin as a person gets older. Plus, too much eyebrow hair plucking can lead to eyebrow hair that does not grow back if the follicles are damaged. Don’t worry! These eyebrow issues can be solved with an eyebrow transplant.

It’s not known how long bushy eyebrows will remain on trend in the fashion world.  Thankfully, many people have bushy thick eyebrows so they are already on their way to achieving the fashionable look.  Who knew that a simple thing like having bushy and thick eyebrows would put a good portion of the public on their way to fashion success?

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