Putting Together a Summer Wardrobe on a Budget

The sun is shining and the temperature is becoming warmer each week. Before too long, it will be time to pack up those denim jeans and break out the summer clothes. For many people, a summer wardrobe is a vast exploration of totally different attire choices. It is a blissful excuse to cut loose and discover a variety of fashionable options. Although a person can get creative with their winter wardrobe, there’s definitely more options for summer wear.

Summer Dress

Summertime brings a bigger variety of backside coverage such as shorts, Capri pants and swimwear. Will it be a one piece swimsuit, a two piece bikini or a thong? So many to choose from!

An assortment of footwear also becomes available with the choice of flip flops, sandals, open toe shoes and too many others to list. Not to mention all the tank tops, tie tops, t-shirts, sun dresses and overlays. Summer is exciting! However, opening your drawer and seeing the same old styles from last year and perhaps the year before is not so exciting. How do you refresh your summer wardrobe on a budget?

For starters, don’t throw out those old clothes! Clothes that are plain or have become stained can be turned into something new and exciting. Everyone has a favorite t-shirt that they won’t wear but simply refuse to toss out. Have you ever thought about acid washing it? It’s super easy!

All you have to do is put some bleach in a bottle and then spray the shirt repeatedly before you rinse and wash it. You can also use the Dip-Dyed method to create a stylish look for a fraction of the store cost. Simply take any top, bottom, sock or other item and partially dip it in the dye. It’s a cool way to express the hot you!

What should you do about those boring old flip flops? Flip flops from last year can easily be turned into elegant footwear by adding some beads and ribbon from a craft shop. Many craft shops like Jo-Ann’s and Michaels have weekly 40% off coupons for great savings.

Another cool idea for the summer heat is to turn your winter wear into summer wear. Now that doesn’t mean to open the closet and shred all your winter clothes. However, winter items which have become tiresome can become a new-fangled style for summer. You know there’s at least one sweater in your drawer that sat there all winter long and you aren’t going to wear it next year either.

Contrary to what most believe, it is fairly simple to cut off the long sleeves of a shirt and hem them with a contrasting thread. Another great idea is to make a sleeveless shirt by removing the sleeves from a blouse and finishing the armholes. You could even add some ribbon, lace or ruffles to the sleeves or neckline. Frayed jeans with unwanted holes can be easily transformed into shorts. Purchasing designer cut-off shorts with fringe is expensive in the stores. You can choose to leave them frayed, hem them or cuff them for a clean look.

If you are looking to purchase some new summer clothes but are on a tight budget, check with local consignment shops. When a person brings in their old summer clothing, they receive store credit which can be used to purchase some fresh fashions. To get the best deal on your trade, be sure to trade summer clothes in the summer season and winter clothes in the winter.

Clothes have a higher market value when they are exchanged within the same season. Also, retail stores begin to bring out their fall items around July and move their summer attire to the back. At this time, summer items are usually discounted. Therefore, take a look at the discount racks just before a new season begins for great deals.

There will certainly be enough time to show off newly purchased mid-summer fashions before the leaves fall. When shopping, keep in mind what you already have. In other words, it doesn’t do you any good to purchase a bright red gingham print shirt if you have nothing to wear with it.

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