What Your Clothes Say about You

Clothes Show Who You are

When you get dressed in the morning, do you know why you wear certain clothes? Most people don’t think about it. They simply dress the way that makes them psychologically comfortable. The clothes you have in your closet can say a lot about who you are.

A Closet Filled With Uncertainty

The closet holds a world of personal uncertainty and desire. You will find clothes you don’t wear and others you can’t seem to part with at all. Some may have tags on them while others are worn so thin you can see through them. You may find a hoodie belonging to an ex-boyfriend, a pair of jeans that are just too tight or dresses that you don’t have the courage to wear. Why do you keep all these clothes? More than likely, it’s the uncertainty of when you can wear them along with the desire to wear the outfits. Therefore, people allow clothes to control their actions.

Social Status

Maintaining a sense of who you are is important to most people. With the economy being uncertain these days, the general population is losing the status they once had and there aren’t any official marks of rank such as aristocracy. “When you don’t have a specific system, people come up with their own,” according to clinical psychologist, and author of the book “You Are What You Wear: What Your Clothes Reveal About You”, Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner. Americans tend to rely on clothing as a social and economic indicator to know where they fit in. Therefore, the clothing you choose each day may help place you where you think you should be. The clothing you choose sends out messages to onlookers. How you dress can inform people of your employment, spending habits, personality, ambitions and emotions.

Revealing Colors

The clothing you wear, and how you wear it, is a form of personal expression. Many people believe you can tell a lot about a person by the colors they wear. Colors are a big part of our visual and psychological worlds. In fact, colors can influence your emotions and moods. Certain colors may make you feel more secure while others make you uncomfortable. Choosing a color, or avoiding one, can say a good deal about your personality. Here is a list of colors and what they say about your personality:

  • Pink is associated with femininity and is known as the unconditional color of love. It is also known to pacify aggression. Although pink is generally worn by women, men who are confident can wear pink like a masculine pro.
  • White shades signify cleansing or a new beginning. Putting on something white can make you feel like you are starting anew or with a clean slate. It is the color of purity, harmony and courage.
  • Black denotes authority, strength and power. It also signifies elegance and sophistication. However, adults who wear black too often may appear drab and kids that wear a lot of black are often referred to as Goth or punk.
  • Brown tones represent stability like the color of the Earth. Wearing brown means you might be considered smart, dependable and grounded.
  • Blue is a cool and soothing color. Wearing blue says you are peaceful, loyal and positive. People who wear blue can usually think for themselves and are smart and independent.
  • Red means the color of energy and the symbol of life. Red is also the color of passion, sensuality and boldness. If you want to stand out in the crowd, wearing red can help you do that as you may feel empowered and a boost of confidence.
  • Yellow is known to bring happiness and cheer your mood. People who wear yellow are considered optimistic, logical and intelligent. It also encourages inspiration and creativity.
  • Silver symbolizes that you are adventurous and ready to take on the world. This metallic color makes its way into cute tops, accessories and full-on sophisticated dresses. Silver is not a color that everyone can pull off since the shiny fabric can reflect the light and make you appear older.
  • Grey can make you look depressed, apathetic or indifferent. Grey may be saying that you lack confidence and it makes you look washed out. Choose the time to wear grey carefully.
  • Green represents nature and is a calming color. Wearing green says you are generous and charismatic. You have a sense of healing about you and care about the well-being of others.
  • Purple stands for the color of royalty and is a symbol of wealth. Those who wear purple are said to be intuitive, artistic and have a rich inner life.


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