How Fashion Influences You (And the World)

Many people wonder what all the fuss is about fashion. Obviously, there are beautiful models wearing outrageously expensive clothing as they strut down the runway. Photographers snap endless pictures for prestigious fashion magazines. Glamour, spotlight and fame surround the fashion world but how does it influence you as well as the world around you?

Fashion Influences


Fashion is certainly a way of expressing yourself since everyone creates their own style. If everyone dressed alike, life would be boring. From your clothing to your footwear to all of your other clothes, your style tells a lot about you and how you want others to perceive you. In essence, we are all models whether we are on the runway or not.

Culture and Religion

Did you know that nearly every culture around the world has its own style of dress that sets it apart from others? Cultural traditions, including fashion, play a very important role in the world. They establish your identity, beliefs and customs. This is also true when it comes to displaying cultural fashion through religion whether it’s a hijab, turban or saffron robe. Therefore, many people around the world support their culture and religion through fashionable attire.

Creates Confidence

When you are dressed in your personal style, you feel comfortable. Everyone has been through a day in their life when they stepped out of their comfort zone and wore a piece of clothing that made them feel self-conscious. Wearing your personality on your body helps to boost confidence and self-esteem. Fashion can impact your psychological state of mind as well as your social skills.

Dress for Success

While dressing with confidence is important, you also want to maintain a successful outlook with your trend. When you look good, you feel good about yourself. Furthermore, a well-dressed person will project a positive vibe while increasing their chances of success at work, school and social gatherings. Dressing like a slob will make others view you as a lazy person while dressing for success helps others take you more seriously.

First Impression

When going to a job interview, first date or social event, people often raid their wardrobe for the best outfit because a successful first impression can set the tone for the rest of the evening. Therefore, the right fashion can leave a lasting impression on someone.

Enhances the Economy

Although the average person does not spend a ton of money on trendy clothes and accessories, fashion does enhance the economy. The fashion industry generates tons of revenue as well as jobs. The fashion industry includes designers, models, general workers, photographers, stage presenters, show venues, travel and so much more. Therefore, the fashion industry certainly does its part to contribute to the economy.


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