Easter Sunday Fashion Tips

Back in the day, new clothes were a must have on Easter Sunday. Women would wear their finest dresses with little white gloves and large brimmed hats. Men were clean-shaven and adorned in formal suits with freshly shined shoes. Although the history of Easter fashion reflects an old-fashioned approach to clothing, the modern version of Easter wear is much different. In fact, a casual pair of white jeans and a soft pink blouse or oversized sweater can be the perfect outfit for Easter. Whatever your plans are for the holiday, here are some fashionable Do’s and Don’ts for you!

Easter Fashion Styles

Do wear floral patterns. For many people, the winter is long and cold. Easter marks the coming of spring so embrace the floral patterns and welcome spring! A floral patterned and calf length dress with pumps will look beautiful on you.

Don’t wear too much dark clothing. Easter is a time of rebirth and you should dress in lively colors. A pair of black slacks is fine but the rest of your outfit should be uplifting.

Do wear bright colors. Even if you opt for a casual pair of jeans or slacks, pair them with a bright colored top and wedge sandals. Throw on a light scarf with a coordinating color pattern and a fun bag or purse.

Don’t forget about comfortable footwear. If you are going to a picnic in the park followed by an egg hunt, you might want to leave the heels at home. Consider wearing a pair of flats especially if they have a floral pattern or accents.

Do wear dots. Easter is a great time to pull out the polka dots whether it’s a skirt, blouse, dress or pants. Polka dots are fun so go crazy with cuteness.

Don’t forget your accessories. No matter what type of outfit you are wearing, there is always room to accessorize. Some outfits just need a small gold pendant and matching embellishments to hang from the lobes of your ears. Other outfits may scream for a colorful bracelet, necklace or earrings.

Do consider wearing a flare dress. Fit and flare dresses are great for Easter and can also be worn on many occasions. These stylish dresses are classy and can be paired with flats or heels.

Don’t spend a fortune. If you are going to buy something new, consider an outfit you can wear well into spring. Otherwise, check out your local consignment shops for clothes in great shape at a fraction of the cost. Most second-hand shops also have plenty of accessory options.


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