Twice a Year, the Name of the Game is Fashion

While Los Angeles fashion is often thought of as having a California cool vibe, fashion watchers still think of New York and Paris when it comes to influential fashion shows and scenes. That opinion seems to be changing as Los Angeles just finished hosting the fall version of Los Angeles Fashion Week. In fact, Los Angeles Fashion Week has grown so much that it now happens twice each year. Los Angeles Fashion Week takes place in March (to spotlight fall collections) and October (to show which collections are trending for spring).

LA Fashion Week

In fact, the business of fashion was so big this year that there were actually three different fashion weeks in Los Angeles this month. The weeks included Arts Hearts Fashion Week (started in 2011), Style Fashion Week (first held in 2009) and Fashion Business Inc. (now in its 5th year). Fashion Business Inc. is one of the more interesting events because it is less of a fashion show and more of a business builder and networking event for developing clothing brands. The event venues ranged from The Reef (the former LA Mart) to Union Station to the beautiful Taglyan Complex.

Confused? That’s understandable because that is a lot of fashion shows and venues to keep track of even though they all fall under the banner of Los Angeles Fashion Week.

There was one new player in the fashion fun this year. Fashion Week Los Angeles was a one-day event full of fashion shows, panel discussions and meetings about the fashion world. Their event was also located in Union Station. To help minimize the confusion, Fashion Week Los Angeles is leaning towards calling itself FWLA in the future. Their mission is to improve upon fashion shows that traditionally start late and are even sometimes scheduled during weeks that are not part of the main event schedule.

One thing that Los Angeles Fashion Week does have going for it is its wide range of events and shows. Besides the events listed above, Los Angeles Fashion Week also includes Men’s Fashion Week, Africa Fashion Week Los Angeles, The Los Angeles Fashion Council and Project Ethos.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg as there always seems to be more shows and events being added each March and October. The fashions and themes of the multiple shows vary each year as the designers strive to showcase the latest trends for the upcoming fashion seasons.

It’s too soon to tell if the fashion shows in Los Angeles will ever reach the level of recognition that New York and Paris currently hold in the fashion world. It’s also too early to tell if the current Los Angeles trend of multiple weeks and venues will continue to be the established way of doing business. The fashion scene in Los Angeles is growing every year as more fashion experts realize that the city has more to offer than stereotypical hippie fashions. Even if the shows in Los Angeles don’t reach the heights of New York and Paris, it’s still good to know that cutting edge fashions and the latest trends can be found without having to leave town.

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