Stay Warm (And Fashionable) This Winter!

It’s easy to tell the people that don’t live in Los Angeles once winter arrives in the city. The people who are shocked and amazed that cold weather exists in California are either tourists or recent transplants to the area. These are the people that need some help when it comes to dressing properly for the winter season in Los Angeles.  There is a way to dress for winter that involves layers of clothing just in case a mountain of snow happens at any moment. The mountain of clothes keeps a person warm but not in style. Here are some of the styles that keep a person ready for winter as well as fashionable.

Fashion choices for the Winter

Fur trim is firmly in style as the holiday season and the start of winter arrives. Fur was big last year and it appears to be back in style this year as well. Fur can accent almost any fashion piece including coats, evening dresses and shoes. The fur doesn’t have to be completely visible as fur-lined pockets and cuffs are trendy this year. Not only does fur elevate the style and add to the expensive look of any outfit, it also serves the main purpose of keeping a body warm during the winter.

One of the unpredictable things about Los Angeles winter weather is that it is not predictable at all. A day or two of cold weather will suddenly be followed by a few days of sunshine and weather that makes it feel like spring. Wearing layers is a key way to be prepared for any and all Los Angeles winter weather. The layers help residents stay warm on colder days while still allowing pieces of clothing to be easily removed when the warmth of the sun decides to pay the city a visit.

One other point to remember when dressing for the winter is location. The beach areas can be 10-15 degrees cooler than the Valley and downtown. This is another reason that layering is vital when travelling between different areas of Los Angeles.

Bohemian is back this winter in Los Angeles. The Bohemian style of the 70s is going to be big as many designers are coming out with pants that are flared as well as suede dresses and fringe as far as the eye can see. Of course, no 70s style is complete without giant floppy hats, suede boots and vests.

As mentioned above, fringe is everywhere this season. From jackets and skirts to sleeves and purses, there is no such thing as too much fringe this winter.

Accessories are also in style as the season gets near. Scarves, capes, tassels, necklaces, statement clutches, tote bags, brooches and necklaces all add a sense of style while many of them serve the function of adding warmth to any outfit.

Finally, head-to-toe black clothing is always in style and always chic. From skirts to tops that cover the arms, an all-black wardrobe with high necklines can easily keep the winter chill away while providing a slim look.

The first step in preparing for winter weather is taking a look in the closet and seeing what is in fashion and what needs to be replaced. While snow and ice might not be winter weather staples in Los Angeles, the fashionable residents of the city won’t let a chill in the air stop them from being in style.

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