Dressing Fashionably While Packing Light

Traveling can be fun but it can also be very expensive. Nobody wants to pay those ridiculous check luggage fees of $25 or more and then worry about whether or not their luggage will actually make it to their destination. However, trying to fit everything you intend to take with you into a carry-on bag can be stressful. You want to dress fashionably while vacationing while not blowing your travel budget before you even get there. So, checked luggage or not? We say, “No Checked Luggage!” No matter what your choice is, there are better solutions for the thrifty traveler.  In fact, here are some helpful tips and tricks to help you prepare for a fashionable trip.

Packing Lightly

1. Roll, Roll, Roll Your Boat…I Mean Clothes!

Many people say, “Fold your clothes neatly to better fit them into your carry-on.” However, did you know that rolling up your clothes can take up less room? Try it! Take a tank top and roll it up. You will be amazed at how little room it can take up.

2. Pack for Recycling

When choosing your travel wardrobe, keep in mind that you don’t need 7 different outfits for each of the 7 days. Choosing neutral colored clothing can help you mix and match with ease as you recycle your clothes into diverse stylish looks.

3. Don’t Pack Your Dresser

Many travelers pack tons of clothes but rarely wear half of them on their trip. Unless you are playing mud-volleyball, you are usually not going to be doing things to get your clothes dirty. Taking a pair or two of pants should be sufficient. Nobody is going to notice you wearing a different top with the same jeans. Of course, you will want to pack enough socks and undies for each of the days.

4. Accessorizing Can Make a Difference

It’s amazing how versatile an outfit can look with just a few accessories. Accessories do not take up much space in a carry-on so pack some cool sunglasses, funky earrings, a bold belt, a colorful scarf and an eye-catching necklace. You can create multiple looks with just one outfit.

5. Makeup Bag Makeover

There’s no need to cram a bunch of makeup into your makeup bag. Simply take the necessities. A bright lipstick, red nail polish and some sample size cosmetics from your preferred beauty counter can help you bring glamour to your trip.

6. Pack Versatile Clothing

Dresses are great to pack. One dress eliminates the need for two separate clothing items such as a top and bottom. Dresses can double for many different occasions. A vintage dress has a great look and feel for casual dining but can also be used for backpacking. A maxi dress can be presentable for a special occasion but can also double as a skirt layered with a shirt. Leggings are way better than jeans when it comes to versatility. You can wear them as athletic gear or under a tunic, dress or short skirt.

7. Show Me The Shoes

Footwear can be one of the hardest items to pack. When you follow the tips and tricks above, you should only need 2 sets of shoes. Pack a pair of dress shoes or heels for those special occasions and a pair of stylish but comfy flats for everything else. However, if you are heading to the beach you might want to throw in a pair of flip flops.


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