New York Fashion Week and TikTok – See the Connection

New York Fashion Week just concluded and this year brought some fresh faces to the red-carpet events. It was said that anyone who did not recognize many of the faces showcasing their look simply does not spend enough time on the social media app, TikTok. In the past, the seats in the front row, as well as spots on the red carpet, were reserved for the biggest celebrity names (also known as the “A-List”) so they could get the first look at the latest fashion trends. Times are changing and the guest lists at fashion events are now featuring quite a number of social media influencers.

How TikTok played a big part at New York Fashion Week 2021

TikTok Stars Shine at New York Fashion Week

Deanna Giulietti is a Broadway performer, as well as a star on TikTok, who was excited and surprised to be part of the event. She told one reporter, “This is a whole world that I didn’t even have a glimpse of a year ago. To see those faces at the fashion events, which used to be seen as completely unattainable, I was like, ‘That’s the future.’”

Deanna took off on the social media platform last year when the pandemic forced the closure of Broadway shows. She started to grow in popularity by showing off her daily looks to her fans. At Fashion Week, she showcased her OOTD (Outfit of the Day) to the over one million followers of her account. The actress also shared her social activities such as going to shows, hosting an event for fashion students and even attending a party thrown by Saks. Her videos gave her fans an intimate look at the glitz and glamour of the week.

According to stylist Caroline Vazzana, “Bringing influencers into the mix gives you a different perspective. It’s as if your best friend is going to Fashion Week and just showing you everything they’re doing.”

TikTok and New York Fashion Week – Some of the Standout Influencers

– Eli Rallo started her journey to influencer stardom by creating colorful snack jars in 2020. She evolved to posting about her fashion style and personal life and grew her number of followers to 273,000. She did admit to feeling like an imposter at the fashion events, but she also reminded herself that she had been invited to these shows by fashion labels. “If you’re actually a part of the industry and you understand marketing at its simplest level, you know that this is like the new wave and this is how brands are going to gain notoriety. We can provide something for them that’s really valuable.

– Davis Burleson spent his fashion week creating content for his channel and taking in the various parties and gatherings. He rose to prominence thanks to his celebrity impressions and on-the-street interviews. This led him to sharing his time at Tory Burch and Bulgari events with his audience of 355,000 followers. Even though the schedule was sometimes very hectic, the 19-year-old feels the experience and the chance to bond with his fellow content creators made the week a success. “It’s really been fun because all the TikTokers are all in it together. We’re all AirDropping each other videos, we’re all capturing each other and then sending it. We’re all looking out for each other.”

– Serena Kerrigan is happy to report that the world of fashion is no longer only the world of women who are white, thin, and rich. The 27-year-old, who has over 353,000 followers, is one of the top sellers for Revolve, an online fashion retailer. “Fashion, I think, used to be really exclusive. It was for thin, white rich women.” Kerrigan realizes this is no longer the case because, as she puts it, “The entire world has changed.”

– Kennedy Eurich is a model for Steve Madden who has 895,000 followers on the platform. The 21-year-old is known for just being herself which made being among so many A-list people a little bit odd. “They have these insane bodies, and you’re like ‘How do I fit in this picture? How do I fit into New York Fashion Week being a random girl from rural Pennsylvania, and now I’m here?’ It’s definitely intimidating.”

It seems like the fashion world has definitely changed as, even just a few years ago, New York Fashion Week would not have welcomed online influencers such as these TikTok stars with open arms. Their presence at so many parties and red-carpet events this year shows the unique power the social media platform has on the world of fashion. It remains to be seen if this trend will continue for years to come but TikTok and the fashion world are certainly close friends at the moment.  This social media app is an outlet for people to share their personal style, showcase their fashion sense and give clothing labels another avenue to determine what the public is looking for when it comes to 2021 fashion.

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