Funky Fourth of July Fashion Tips

It’s hard to believe the 4th of July is just around the corner.  Wasn’t it only yesterday we were making our New Year’s resolutions?  It’s fun, and flirty, to add a little patriotic splash to your holiday style whether you’re going to a backyard BBQ, a concert or a Fourth fireworks show.  Exercising caution is important because it’s too easy to go from celebrating America’s birthday to looking like a human American flag.

4th of July Fireworks

The most important fashion tip for the Fourth is to make sure and not overdo the red, white and blue in your outfit.  A little bit of America’s colors is fine in any ensemble. Wearing a giant flag inspired t-shirt or ripped shorts with flags on the pockets crosses the line from patriotic to idiotic.  A little goes a long way with a striking design like the American flag.  Exercising good taste when deciding on your party outfit helps you avoid looking like you’re wearing a costume.

If you do decide to go with the colors of the flag, make sure to choose shades that are different that the traditional colors on the flag.  It doesn’t hurt to go red, white and blue when you choose to use softer tones for your outfit.

Not a stars and stripes kind of girl?  No worries.  Summertime allows for a wide range of fashion choices.  Plaids and solids both wear well and help you stand out in a crowd celebrating America’s birthday.

Planning on attending a BBQ for the holiday?  It’s best to err on the side of sophisticated by avoiding cut-offs and tank tops.  Work in some prints with your outfit if you plan on going red, white and blue.  The prints work as outfit accents and help you avoid looking like a walking American flag. Cute shoes are a must.  Flip-flops are a “no go”.

One of the most important fashion tips you must remember for the Fourth and beyond?  Swimsuits are not a party outfit.  They are not to be worn by themselves all day at a party.  Swimsuits are obviously fine to wear to a pool party or a Fourth of July beach party.  It’s vital to proper Fourth fashion to layer your swimsuit with other pieces.  Imagine your embarrassment if you discover what you thought was a pool party was a party lacking a pool.  You don’t want to be the only person at the party without real clothes.  Layering a swimsuit allows you the option of getting in the pool and then relaxing poolside while wearing the swimsuit with other clothes.  You’ll achieve a casual, yet fashionable, look with the right layers of clothing.

The right mixture of colors and clothes can easily make or break your look on the Fourth.  Do you want to be remembered for your fun and funky look or would you rather be remembered as a walking billboard for the American flag?  Choose your ensemble wisely in order to have a fun and fashionable Fourth of July!

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