How to Ace Your Job Interview in Style

Your outfit for a job interview is just as important as your answers in the interview itself. After all, the expression “make your first impression your best impression” is true even if it is a cliché. What you wear and your overall interview look is a big part of the hiring process. Hiring managers are already judging you for the position as soon as you walk in the room and even before you open your mouth.

Job Interview

You don’t need designer label clothes that scream for attention to create a good first impression. Unbranded pieces are totally fine as long as you choose the right cut, color and texture for your body type.  A rule of thumb for job interviews is that you must dress a notch above your everyday work outfit. For both men and women, a suit is always the first choice. You can never go wrong with suits. They never go out of fashion which makes them the go-to choice for people who have no idea what to wear.

If there’s one color that creates a lasting impression, it’s black. Black is the color of sophistication. Charcoal black looks flattering on all body types as it can make one’s figure look slimmer.

If a black outfit is not your first choice, think about adding some color to your outfit. Choose a shirt or blouse in your favorite color in order to feel confident. Do you think pink is cool? By all means, go for it. Just make sure to pick a shade of pink that is appropriate for a job interview and not a party. Wear the pick choice with a nice pair of black pants for men and a skirt for women. Black always makes a perfect contrast to any color.

Formal business suits not your thing? Choose a more modern piece to wear. Although prints and patterns should generally be avoided, wearing them is fine as long as you know how to mix and match them tastefully. A stripe is your safest choice. A patterned shirt looks good under a neutral colored blazer and a full-colored pair of pants. Never wear pattern over pattern or print over print.

For men, the choice of shoes is normally not a problem. Get a brown or black pair of leather shows and you’re good to go. For women, it’s a completely different story. Shoes are, and always will be, more of a woman thing. Choose the wrong shoes and you’ll end up ruining your entire outfit. Don’t be too adventurous with the shoes. Wear something simple and classy. Just like other fashion choices, black is your best bet. When it comes to heels, choose heels with just a little bit of height.

The attention given to your overall fashion look tends to make people forget about the minor details of the attire. A simple outfit can be enhanced by using a couple of accessories. For instance, a plain slim suit with a French cuff shirt underneath can be moved to the next fashion level with a stainless steel tie bar on the collar. The attention to detail will impress the person you are interviewing with as minor details can easily catch their attention.

Regardless of what job you are applying for, dressing professionally for an interview is extremely important “to get the job done.” Before you even think about how you will answer the interview questions, make sure you have your attire ready and that it fits properly. Prepare your clothes the night before the interview so you don’t have to waste time getting them ready on the big day itself. Besides the helpful tips listed above, here are some more job interview fashion tips to help you land your dream job.

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