A Look Back at the Top 5 Street Trends of 2015

With 2015 coming to an end, it’s time to reminisce about some of the trends that grabbed the attention of the fashion world this year. In the past twelve months, we were introduced to amazing pieces that most of us can no longer get by without owning. Here’s a rundown of the top 5 street trends that have rocked the world of every fashionista out there. Which ones do you think will continue in 2016 and which fashion trends should be left behind?

Graphic Handbags:

Let the handbag do the talking. This year saw one of the most popular women’s accessories get outspoken. An entertaining alternative to an otherwise boring black handbag, these adorable cheeky pieces became a staple of every fashion forward lady. Graphic handbags became a great way to make an outfit more fun, interesting and a real conversation starter (between people and not with the handbag).

All-White Sneakers:

Sneakers have been a hot trend for many years now and women love not having to wear painful stilettos that are as high as Mount Everest. A few years ago, there was a wave of all-black sneakers. 2014 saw the all-red craze. Just when you thought that the monochromatic years were over, shoe companies decided to be more “virginal” by giving us all-white sneakers. The all-white sneakers were a big hit and sold out the minute they appeared. It remains to be seen if they are here to stay or if they will be replaced by another color in the wheel.

Pin Badges:

These cute badges are probably the last thing you’ll notice in anyone’s stylish outfit but that didn’t stop them from having their moment this year. We saw lots of them with designs ranging from something as simple as a circle with a little smiley face on it to others that were more interactive. Pin badges are one of the easiest ways to add some personality to your outfit without spending too much money.

Baseball Caps:

The humble baseball cap is here to stay. This timeless piece of clothing made a huge comeback in 2015. They look much cooler these days with emojis, slogans and logos adorned on them. The return to glory for the baseball cap proves that our love for classic items isn’t gone just yet.


Birkenstock Sandals:

It’s a fact that Birkenstocks are back. Once considered a fashion no-no for women because of their “ugly” look, 2015 saw the world’s most comfortable sandal return to the top spot in fashionable footwear. This is good news for people who love to travel as they can now walk for miles in style without blisters and sore feet. Birkenstocks remain comfortable yet fashionable at the same time. Pair the Birkenstocks with some comfortable jeans and you are ready for a day of fashionable fun.

It’s too early to tell which of the above street fashion trends will continue into 2016. While it would be nice if some of these fashions stay in style, it’s also exciting to see what new trends are waiting to be discovered in 2016.

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